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Program Overview

Covid-19 Inclusive Response Program

The Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD) is using its regional Covid-19 Response Strategy for Persons with Disabilities to implement the following projects and activities:

  • Conducting an Online Survey
  • Capacity-Building Training
  • Online Portal on COVID-19
  • Competition for Artists & Craftspeople

Meet Our Team

This program is being delivered through collaborative inputs within different departments, including the office of the Director General, the Programs Department, and the Resource Mobilisation Department.
People with disabilities

Making A Case About Inclusion

Why Persons with Disabilities?

Why is it so important to develop a Covid-19 Inclusive Response Strategy specifically focused on mitigating the impact of the pandemic on persons with disabilities in Souther Africa?

  • They generally have more healthcare needs than others.
  • Their needs are both standard and linked to impairments.
  • They are, therefore, more vulnerable to the social impact brought by the advent of COVID-19.
  • They tend to access low quality or inaccessible health-care services than others.
  • They tend to experience social attitudes characterized by stigma and discrimination.
  • Low participation of persons with disabilities leading to policies that are not inclusive of their needs.
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