Amplifying the Work of Artists and Craftspeople with Disabilities on COVID-19

As part of its Covid-19 Inclusive Response Program for Persons with Disabilities, the Southern African Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD) is currently running a competition for Artists and craftspeople with disabilities to highlight their artistic work on COVID-19. 

This project seeks to amplify the work of artists and craftspeople with Disabilities on COVID-19, to ensure the inclusion of all sectors in our Covid-19 Inclusive Response Program.

Through this competition, artists and craftspeople with disabilities are sharing their own experiences through various artistic expressions, which is also part of the Arts & Crafts Project managed by SAFOD, the Loughborough University’s Design School and the Aston University

SAFOD and itspartners are specifically looking for anything that depicts one’s feelings, views, or observations about how COVID-19 is affecting them, and their feelings, views, or observations about the current interventions at regional, national, or community levels.  Examples of artistic expressions may include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Doing a painting/drawing depicting accessibility issues for patients with disability in a hospital setting.
  2. Taking a photograph(s) about food relief distribution to vulnerable people in a community, specifically depicting the situation being faced by persons with disability during the distribution program.
  3. Writing a poem about the inaccessible information on radio and/or TV and how this is affecting people with disability.
  4. Writing a creative story to celebrate one of the successful COVID-19 interventions within your community that has positively impacted people with disability.
  5. Weaving a mat that depicts COVID-19 message(s) on it for persons with disabilities.
  6. Making a crotchet facemask.
  7. Highlighting through drama the challenges that artists and craftspeople are facing business-wise in times of COVID-19.
  8. And others.

SAFOD and its partners are looking for creative and artistic expressions that enable people with disability to communicate their inner feelings to the world around them, by communicating in ways that words cannot always describe. Some of the examples include the following forms of artistic expressions: paintings and/or drawings; sculpting; weaving; crocheting and/or needle work; drama; music; poetry and/or creative writing; dance; and photography

How to Submit

Details about how to enter the competition or how to submit their work – including the online submission – can be accessed here.