Data Collection Program on Covid-19 Impact on PWDs and Inclusive interventions

The first objective outlined in the regional response strategy – available for downloading here – is to generate and utilize already existing knowledge, evidence and data from research studies, case studies (good practices), etc. related to inclusive responses against COVID-19 for purposes of documentation, shared learning, disability programming, monitoring and evaluation.

In addition, we also want to generate new perspectives emerging from the experiences of persons with disabilities themselves in Southern Africa related to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a lot we are still learning about this pandemic, being a new phenomenon.

We are, therefore, running a survey that is targeted at persons with disabilities in Southern Africa to helps us understand how COVID-19 is affecting them, and how they feel about the ongoing response interventions at the local community, national and even regional levels. The results will also inform SAFOD’s own regional response strategy.

Through this Data Collection Program, SAFOD will be able to enhance shared learning, disability programming, monitoring and evaluation.

The survey can be accessed here:

An initial report snapshot can be accessed here: